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Pressure Washing is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home or commercial property, as well as a way to prevent unnecessary costs, wasted time, and the trouble of repairs down the road. With such important investments at stake, entrust your pressure washing needs to American PowerClean®.
Licensed & Insured - Think about it, would you hire a dentist, doctor, lawyer, or even a taxi driver if they did not have a license or insurance? Of course not!  Similarly if a pressure washer cannot produce proof of a valid license and current insurance, then they should be avoided.  This is a valuable tool in determining who is trustworthy enough to go the extra mile to be sure that the customers are safe when allowing a company to work for them.

Professional Equipment - Commercial grade pressure washing equipment is designed with enough power to completely clean the surface being treated. Consumer grade equipment will not have the same cleaning power. American PowerClean has the correct pressure washing equipment.

Professional Techniques - Like most things in life there is a right way and a wrong way to perform exterior cleaning services. If someone tries to perform roof cleaning in the same way they do concrete cleaning or house washing then it is a good bet they do not have the training or experience for the job.  American PowerClean of Perrysburg Ohio, is experienced in the latest techniques of power cleaning / pressure washing and continues to update equipment.
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One of the best ways to revive a property’s appearance is by pressure washing it, that's what American PowerClean does. With a vast amount of experience in the business, we know what it takes to get it done and we do it in the shortest amount of time possible. Getting unwanted dirt and grime from your property is our business and we ensure that everything looks sparkling clean. We offer solutions to any dirt, grime, mold, and graffiti while saving you the time and effort of doing it yourself.

Usually the biggest step is when you realize all of the grime, dirt, mold, and discolorization and you decide to contact someone to get rid of it.  Once you contact us, we will review your property, then recommend the next course of action before pressure washing. The material you need cleaned will determine what method is used. In any case all of the dirt will be efficiently eliminated and you will be left satisfied at the results. Having something cleaned professionally makes everyone feel like they have a brand new item and enhances its purpose, especially when trying to sell your home.

Our proven experience conducting similar jobs has led our client base to grow over time, with so many people trusting us with their cleanliness in the Toledo, Ohio area. With American PowerClean, you are not only assured of professional services, but timely completion of the job. We understand that you need to get back to your routine as fast as possible, and we can work within your busy schedule. American PowerClean Pressure Washing will get your dirty areas clean using the most efficient equipment and chemicals in the business today.

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Be Proud To Sell Your Home Give It That Great Curb Appeal

When homeowners decide to clean the outside of their house for dirt, mold, grime or discoloration, for an occasion or in the case of selling their property, they soon find out it is not easy. If you choose to clean the whole house yourself you never know what dangers you may be exposing yourself to and you may still not achieve your desired results. This is why you should hire a professional service like American PowerClean. We will take care of your property as well as the safety of the people and pets within the property. Using a locally owned and operated business gives you the advantage of being able to contact them while achieving immediate results.

Pressure washing makes it easy to clean those hard to reach areas. American PowerClean has the right equipment to get to all those nooks and crannies and even places that are out of reach of your hands. You may try to get yourself to these places and put your safety at risk. We have the technical skills, knowledge and experience to conduct all the work well and in a manner that will not compromise safety of people or pets.  We use bio-degradable or eco-friendly additives when necessary without compromising the cleaning process.

When you are looking for power cleaning / pressure washing services in the Toledo, Ohio area, you are assured of a high degree of cleanliness, cost effective services, time conscious work when you choose American PowerClean. It is important for you to hire a local company like us because you know your work will get done right, because the owner of the company is a family man from the area and it matters what clients think of him and his business.  Whether it is residential or commercial property we have the equipment to get the job done right.

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